The Darling Thieves
Los Angeles (US)
Indie / Pop / Rock

released albums:
"Act one" 2006
"Embrace the Curse" 2007
"Race To Red" 2010
"The Extended Play" 2012
"Right Where We Left Off" single 2014
"How's Life In California" e.p 2014
Next Big Thing
Punk / Rock / Surf

"Here by chance" 2008

the myspace link should still work!!2015
Punk / Rock

They released a record in 2007 called
"Re-Volts" it was mastered by the Caper
BAYERN!! (D) punk-rock

these drunken germans were on hiatus for a while, but they're back and currently working on some new material!expect some new shit around mid 2011

"Our Time" 2008
"The difference between us" 2006
"Last legal moments" 2003
"Not to take serious" 2002
"Up to destiny" 2001

next gig in Switzerland:
hope soon!

check out their video "where the Freaks Are At" (I'm not totally sure) which was directed by the guy who does the Beatsteaks videos.
Punk / Pop-Punk

released albums:
ep: Alone in Hell/The New Fucking World 2008
"In the face of Change" 2005
"Give us a Chance" 2003
"Broken glass" 2001
next gig in Switzerland:
eventually next year! but I heard they might be doing some gigs in Italy soon.

a best of with a couple of new songs to celebrate the bands 10 and almost 11 or 12 th anniversary should be on the way as well.

they started another band called Radio Smile as well!

Folk Rock

released albums:

"Psycotrizzati" 2015
"na golada" 2009
"76:48" 2003
"A gne par tücc" 1996
"Riei" 1994
Pop Punk Rock

released album:
"Farewell Satellite" 2007

link should still be working! 2015

Punk rock

released album:

"Aerodinamic" 2016
"Circo" 2013
"Emm Esageraat" 2010
ep: "Carnevaa" 2010
"Non è che..." 2008
The Nutcutters
Pop Punk

released album:

Greg Laraigne

folk/country ala Chuck Ragan

"Let The Lucky guys play" 2010

sleeveless jeans jacket truck hat, lots of beard punk rock folk music!

süpremacy 2010
Scheisse Minnelli

They're from Sweden and they're really fuckin'good!
Your All Time Favourites
Gravity wins Again "2010"

Developing From The Negatives "2013"

Swim Along ep "2015"
Port Of Call

Walking with Ghosts

"Walking With Ghosts" 2015